What Attendees Have Said About the CA COLLABORATIVE

What a wonderful opportunity to attend the CA Collaborative Conference!  Attending this conference was unequivocally a life-changing experience and one professional development opportunity I look forward to participating in again.  I met and connected with some amazing advisors executing very creative and interesting work, which inspired me in a number of ways.  This was a unique experience networking and connecting with folks from various public institutions which offered interesting learning opportunities and the exchange of best practices beneficial both to students and advisors, alike. 

Charlie Nutt, NACADA Executive Director, conducted one of the general sessions.  He was so amazing and inspiring to the point of action.  I began to reevaluate the influence of my own work in advising and how I could modify the “status quo” to be more impactful to my students.  Each session I attended caused me to genuinely consider my contribution to my home campus, where I fit in to help the students achieve their goals and make the campus everything it strives to be.

Mya Hines

African American Studies Program Coordinator

University of California, San Diego


Ever since the first California Collaborative Advising and Counseling Conference in October 2015 at CSU Dominguez Hills, I have looked forward to attending this conference again. The design of bringing together the CSU, CCC and UC systems enhances the communication of everyone involved and leads to the creation of positive partnerships.

The 2016 conference at UC Davis was a powerful experience, chock-full of informative sessions that allowed for wonderful learning opportunities, sharing of experiences and collaborating with fellow advisors from all over California. We may be from different educational systems and various schools, but our goal remains the same…help make a positive impact in the lives of our students.

Thinking back about the conference, here are a few takeaways:

  • Dynamic presentations – Each session offered a wide array of choices including presentations on at-risk & special populations, professional development, student success, e-advising and collaborations. So many wonderful discussions where participants had the opportunity to join in and contribute, as well as gain new ideas.

  • The Transfer Student Perspective – The transfer panel was considerably a highlight to many of us in hearing from students about their experiences, challenges, and successes.

  • Keynote - Charlie Nutt spoke to our hearts and pushed us to never remain stagnant. He had the ability to tap into our passions and our whys, as well as how academic advising is a central part of student success.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Steering Committee for the travel scholarship. I truly appreciate the generosity of the committee. Without the scholarship, my colleague and I would not have been able at attend the conference due to budget. I feel I have gained a newfound energy from attending the conference. There were many takeaways from the conference that my colleague and I were able to bring back to our campus.

Matthew Markin

Academic Advisor

California State University, San Bernardino


Academic Advising and Counseling professionals derive from different backgrounds- all with a single purpose to support student success. Throughout the conference, we can observe diversity among attendees’ knowledge, practices and skill sets, in our institutional settings and our student populations, but what we have in common is the desire to contribute to students’ academic success. The conference without a doubt is a welcoming environment to share ideas, provide resources, build collaborations, and serves as an individual reminder of the commitment we have towards students.

I was pleasantly surprised to have received the scholarship to attend the conference. However, I was even more surprised when notified of my proposal acceptance. The California Collaborative Advising & Counseling Conference definitely encourages the pursuit of excellence across all advising communities. I personally look forward to attending the conference every year. I enjoy being a part of a community that promotes leadership, growth, inclusion, equity, open-mindedness, and that welcomes free dialogue.   

Jacquelyn K. Trejo

Academic Advisor

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

“Fortunately for academic advisors, educators, and their students, this year ushered in the third annual California Collaborative Advising and Counseling Conference, held at the Riverside Convention Center on March 5 and 6, 2018...Once the conference’s introductory speakers took the stage, it became clear that the panels would focus intensely on how to help transfer students advance through California’s higher education system. Certainly one more conference highlight, among many, came when student voices also graced the conference, by way of a panel of transfer students....My deepest thanks to Dr. Chris Lindfelt, the conference’s Steering Committee Chair and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies at CSUSB, and Matt Markin, Scholarship Committee Chair and Academic Advisor for CSUSB’s Advising & Academic Services, for all their work on behalf of this conference, and for the scholarship which allowed me to attend: an opportunity whose effect also will last.”

-Jennifer Arin, Lecturer and Academic Advisor at San Francisco State University

“The 2018 conference at the Riverside Convention Center was a meaningful experience. The diverse sessions available allowed for wonderful learning opportunities, sharing of experiences and collaborating with fellow higher education professionals from all over California. As a graduate student at the time, the chance to share and acquire knowledge regarding practices and skill sets amongst diverse institutional settings was extremely valuable.  Throughout the conference, it became evident that despite the different practices, student populations, and skill sets, the one thing that all attendees had in common is the desire to contribute to students’ success. To me, the highlight of the 2018 California Collaborative Advising and Counseling Conference was a session entitled “Through My Lens: The Transfer Student Perspective”.  This particular session provided an opportunity to listen to the stories outlining the experience of diverse students with the transfer process. The panelist were students from California State University, University of California, and community colleges...The California Collaborative Advising & Counseling Conference is a great opportunity to connect with others in the field and evaluate different advising practices.  I look forward to attending the conference again.”

-Hyacinthe de Cuba, First Year International Coach at Pasadena City College

“The CA Collaborative Advising Conference was an experience that has set the bar high for what I expect from future conferences. Not only was I able to connect with advisors from the CCC, CSU and UC systems, I also understood that advisors must continue to learn about students’ needs to help make their college experience more meaningful. As I continue my journey within higher education, hearing the techniques other schools and departments use and how its affected their students in a positive manner will help me become a stronger resource for my students and my home university...I saw the care advisors and counselors have for not only their job, but also their students’ future success throughout the entire conference. I look forward to coming back to the CA Collab Advising Conference to continue learning how to best serve our students in their journey within higher education.”

-Kimberly Rodriguez Jimenez, Program Assistant for Chancellor’s Associates Scholars Program at the University of California San Diego