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2018 Handouts:

2018 National Report – Show Me the Way – The Power of Advising in Community Colleges

Academic Success Boot Camp – Setting Freshmen up to Start Their College Career Strong

Advocating for Academic Advising – Approaches for Meaningful Campus Wide Change

Changing the Advising Culture of a Campus

Decreasing Probation and Improving Retention for 1st Year International Students

Facilitating Academic Success and Retention for Students on Academic Probation

Fostering Self-Authorship through Professional Development for Peer Mentors

I Got Accepted, Now What? Deciding on a Major: The Exploratory Advising Curriculum

Peer Advisors; Student Workers Taking on Dual Roles

T.A.G. You’re it! Supporting Students on Academic Probation

Tale of Two Cities: Academic Intervention Programs in Two Neighboring Campuses

Top Seven Skills Advisors Need to Ascend the Advising Career Ladder

2016 Handouts:

Academic Success Action Plan Form rev.pdf

An Early Alert Program and Academic Advising Resource rev-2.pptx

CA Advising Conference 10.16.pdf

First Semester GPA is the Best Predictor of Performance_CSULB_UCUA_Borba.pdf

First Semesters_Pathways for Academic Success_2.0 to 2.3 GPA_CSULB_UCUA_Borba.pdf

Getting Them In & Out; Undeclared Students Reaching Their Limit_UCUA_CSULB_Bolin.pdf

Make a Difference with Mandatory Advising_CSUF.pdf

Personal Philosophy of Advising handouts.pdf

Personal Philosophy of Advising.pptx


UC Davis Prezi.pdf

USTD 200 PowerPoint-CA Collab.pdf

Learning Centered Integrative Advising: Curriculum in Action (PPT)

Advising Syllabus 2015-2016 - ECN HIS EAS.pdf

Learning Centered Integrative Advising Worksheet and Action Plan.pdf

Learning Centered Integrative Advising References.pdf

Learning Centered Integrative Advising Curriculum.pdf

UCOP Welcome


2015 Handouts:

Academic Advising Delivery Models: Implications for First Year Student Outcomes

Blurred Lines: Academic Advising Meets Career Counseling

Building a College-Themed Community for Business Freshmen

Cyberbullying and Micro-Aggressions

Graduation Specialists: Overcoming Graduation Barriers
Student Success Initiative

If We Build It, They Will Succeed: An Examination of the Success of the Titan Advisors Network--An Advising Technology
TAN Quick Guide
Functions of Advisors

It's All About Collaboration! A Successful STEM Grant Partnership Between Three Community Colleges and a Four-Year Institution

More Than Teachers: Engaging Faculty in Developmental Advising

The Long Beach Approach to eAdvising: Putting All the Pieces Together

UC Riverside's Professional Academic Advising Certification Course--Building and Implementing a Common Advising Philosophy

WHO IS 113?